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The Canadiens wanted Samuel Morin, tried trading up with Flyers

The Flyers pushed out another episode of Flight Plan on Wednesday, and we learned that the Montreal Canadiens wanted Samuel Morin pretty badly.

Jamie Squire

The Flyers debuted Episode 2 of Flight Plan on Wednesday night, and on the whole, the episode wasn't nearly as interesting as Episode 1. They basically just followed around Samuel Morin on draft day and spent eight minutes trying to convince us he's Chris Prongeras Rich Coogan put it on Twitter.

There was really only one revelation of any interest: the Montreal Canadiens tried trading up to take the No. 11 pick. They wanted Morin, and they knew that the Flyers also had interest. We don't know the details of the trade offer, however, so it's impossible to judge Paul Holmgren's decision not to accept the offer or negotiate further.

Montreal wound up holding the No. 25 pick in the draft and selected winger Michael McCarron.

Judge Flight Plan for yourself, but I felt this episode was pretty weak -- at least in comparison to both the first episode and my expectations. It's interesting to see what a players goes through on Draft day, getting whisked around back stage, signing autographs, taking pictures, doing interviews, etc., but roughly half of this episode was just a mash up of interviews we've already seen.

Episode 3 will follow the Flyers around further on draft day, and hopefully they're able to share some more details of trade talks and the discussion around the draft table. I was hoping for more of that from Episode 2, but I understand that there are things the team can't or doesn't want to share for any number of reasons.

Hey, bonus points if you can pick out my two second cameo in Episode 2!