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Canada 'disappointed' in Claude Giroux for missing ball hockey game

Team Canada is "extremely disappointed" that Claude Giroux didn't travel to Ottawa for a ball hockey game.

Christopher Pasatieri

Canada's Olympic camp is underway in Calgary, and Claude Giroux is not there. He's basically a lock to make the 2014 Olympic team, and since he's in the middle of rehabbing his hand injury, it'd be silly to make the trek out to what's basically a pointless camp. Why should he strain himself and delay his rehab schedule?

That's not keeping some Canadians from being silly about Giroux's absence, though. Here's TSN's Bob McKenzie, speaking about Hockey Canada's "extreme disappointment" over Giroux's decision not to go:

It's not like anybody is throwing Claude Giroux under the bus for not being here because he's back in Philadelphia rehabbing an injury, but I think it is safe to say that the entire Olympic brain trust from Hockey Canada right down to the coaching staff feel as though they're extremely disappointed tat he's not here.

Giroux figures on being an important player on this team -- a bounce-back year for him -- and maybe one of eight forwards who are perceived as if not outright locks, than certainly favorites, and he won't have an opportunity for any of that. I think the people here believe that the Philadelphia Flyers were emphatic about him staying and that's the reason he's not here.

Meanwhile, here's the tough work the Canadians put in on Monday:

Ball hockey. The Canadian brain trust is disappointed that an injured Claude Giroux missed a game of ball hockey while rehabbing his injury. Good on the Flyers for being adamant that Giroux play it safe.

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