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Friday Morning Fly By: BOOOOOSH days 'til the opener (but only SEVEN DAYS to rookie camp!).

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Bruce Bennett

*That's right folks, only seven short days until rookie camp begins on September 6. Beauty. (BSH)

*Meltzer on Ray Emery's expectations going into the season. (Hockeybuzz)

*Brandon Manning has finally signed a deal with the Flyers. (BSH)

*The Penguins, Bruins, Blackhawks, and Kings are the favorites to come out of the four divisions next year. Parity! (SB Nation)

*Team-by-team previews and predictions for the '13-'14 NHL season. (Backhand Shelf)

*Stats-heavy Eyes on the Prize makes the case for one of hockey's oft-cited intangibles, character. (HEotP)

*A thorough look at half-season team Fenwick Close. (NHL Numbers)

*Dan Carcillo is pretty excited to join his old friends in Los Angeles. (ProHockeyTalk)

*The Coyotes may face a problem due to the number of free parking lots surrounding their arena. Free parking. At a hockey game. Cue jealousy. (SB Nation)

*Tomorrow marks the end of the worst month for hockey fans. Let's celebrate! (Backhand Shelf)

*Finally, BSHer GagneFan4Life is looking for new members for the PS3 BSH NHL14 League. Go forth and join! (BSH)