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Flyers to debut behind-the-scenes Internet video show

The Flyers will unveil a new web video series called "Flight Plan," a behind-the-scenes look at the team.

Bruce Bennett

Following the lead of several other NHL teams, the Flyers will launch a new Internet video series called "Flight Plan" this week.

The first episode, which will debut tomorrow, Tuesday, August 6 on, will focus on the lead up to the 2013 NHL Draft and according to the team "will give viewers insider access into the strategies and discussions" in the run up to the big day.

More details from the team:

The episode centers around a meeting 48 hours before the draft. Director of Scouting Chris Pryor leads the discussion with input from General Manager Paul Holmgren and the chief scouts affiliated with the organization to determine the final rankings of the draft eligible players and zero in on which ones would best fit the team's future needs.

"Flight Plan" will continue to follow the Flyers throughout the season, catching all the highs and lows and also capturing special off-ice activities, life on the road and in the community, and what it's like to be professional hockey players and coaches like never seen before.

Hopefully this is a cool inside look at the inner workings of the team. It's nice to see the Flyers -- a team that, frankly, could use a big improvement in the social media department -- reaching out to a massive audience of fans on the web. Most of their web presence, both on social media and on their official website, is pretty fluffy right now, so let's hope this is a change of pace.

We'll have a full review of Episode 1 of "Flight Plan" tomorrow here on BSH. I have high hopes.

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