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After taking last week off, we had some actual things to talk about in this week's episode.

This was the only photo we had of Dan Cleary playing against the Flyers.
This was the only photo we had of Dan Cleary playing against the Flyers.
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Hockey's just three weeks away, which finally means that when we record an episode of BSH Radio, there are real, actual hockey things going on that we can talk about. And on Tuesday evening, Travis and I talked about real, actual hockey things. (After opening the show talking about Chip Kelly, that is.)

In particular, we discussed the Flyers' reported Monday signing of former Red Wings winger Daniel Cleary, and that that means in a lot of ways, including but not limited to...

* What Cleary brings to the table, in terms of his skillset.

* Whether or not he, at his price point, was really any better than the alternatives.

* What his signing means for the long-term future of the team.

* What his signing means for the immediate future of the team -- is there a trade coming?

After that, we talked a bit about yesterday's rookie game and players in it that we liked, and how we think/hope the Phantoms should be better this year since the Flyers have some actual decent prospects. And then we briefly discussed training camp battles, since those are set to begin Thursday. (Though we'll have much more on that in next week's episode.)

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