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Dan Cleary not coming to the Flyers after all?

The Dan Cleary situation is getting weird.

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Well, then. Dan Cleary might not be a Flyer after all.

This will open up a lot of jokes about the "Flyers not knowing how to read that three-year deal they offered Dan Cleary," but it appears as though the forward won't be coming to town after all, at least according to Elliotte Friedman of CBC.

Absolutely no idea what that "complication" could be. Maybe he didn't pass a physical or something. Really could be anything at this point. The Flyers, two hours after Friedman's story broke, are still saying they expect Cleary in camp.

Friedman is a reputable reporter, and this could be a case of the player and the team disagreeing with one another. We'll see what happens on Thursday, I guess. In any event, the jokes are already flying.

If Cleary doesn't report to camp and doesn't wind up signing a contract, the Flyers will again have a hole on the wing on their third-line, and maybe this again opens them up to other options once training camp opens.

The whole Cleary thing has been weird from the start, from the way-too-long-and-way-too-pricey contract to the fact that the team would only publicly say that he was offered a tryout deal, not an actual deal. We all safely assumed that the Flyers weren't confirming the deal simply because the salary cap wouldn't allow them to do so, and that it'd all become official at the end of training camp.

It's not over yet. Stay tuned.

This story was updated at 4:05 p.m. ET, because it's the Flyers and it's always complicated.

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