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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Tye McGinn days, we have.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...


*TWO GAMES last night. At the same time. Two separate Flyers teams. That's utter madness. Game stuff here!

*Eric T. examines the Flyers' 2013 zone entry data to get a handle on what went so terribly wrong last year. (BSH)

*Anthony Stolarz did pretty well in Sunday night's game against the Leafs. In unrelated news, he was sent back to his OHL club today.

*Some notes on the strides Meszaros made in the preseason opener and Erik Gustafsson's growing confidence.

*Ranking the Flyers' current crop of goaltending prospects. (Flyers Faithful)

*Speaking of goalies, looks like Tim Thomas will be a member of the Florida Panthers this year. (ProHockeyTalk)

*Alex Ovechkin has thoughts on the NHL and Sochi Olympic pressure. (Puck Daddy)

*The league is gauging both corporate and public interest in expansion into Seattle. (SB Nation)

*A cool piece on the growth of ice hockey in the United States over the last decade. (United States of Hockey)

*ESPN takes a look at goalie rankings. (ESPN)

*On the creation of new metrics we can use to evaluate player performance. (mc79hockey)

*Bernie Parent on challenges in sports and in life. (