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BSH Radio 59 is postponed to a later date

Exactly two weeks from the drop of the puck on the new season, we'll be talking about the preseason games to date as well as the storylines developing from training camp. And answering your questions! (UPDATE: just kidding.)

I like to imagine he's smiling because Hartnell told him that they'll listen to BSH Radio together after the game.
I like to imagine he's smiling because Hartnell told him that they'll listen to BSH Radio together after the game.
Bruce Bennett

(UPDATE, 9/18, 6 p.m. ET: tonight's planned episode of BSH Radio is postponed. Sorry about that. We'll be back next week to discuss all of the Flyers' training camp goings-on. Original post below.)


At 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on this fine evening, we will be exactly two weeks away from the beginning of the regular season, when the Flyers will take on the Maple Leafs. We're slowly starting to have a good idea of what the final Flyers team will look like as that game begins, and we'll talk about what we've seen so far in the preseason and training camp on our latest episode of BSH Radio.

We'll talk about the various storylines that have presented themselves in the last couple of weeks, such as:

* Who's been impressing in the preseason so far? Who hasn't been?

* Who's going to be the Flyers' third-line winger? Who should be?

* Who's going to be the sixth and seventh defenseman? Who should be?

* There's no way the Flyers are actually keeping Samuel Morin up on the NHL roster this year, right? (There's a very good chance we'll already know the answer to this question by the time we're recording, but we'll still talk about Morin because he's impressed this preseason.)

* Do you think anyone bought a Dan Cleary Flyers jersey in the 36 hours or so that he was reportedly a member of the Flyers?

And more!

We know you all have thoughts and questions, too, and we would like to hear them. (Especially because I think some of you have watched more of the preseason to date than Travis and I have. Shh.) So! As always, if you have questions, tweet them at us @BroadStHockey or write them in the comments on this post right here. If you'd like to ask your questions on-air and talk with us about them, call in beginning at 7:00 at (347) 826-7864. It'll be cool.

Listen in at the link below when the show starts. To listen to our other recent episodes or to subscribe to the show, click here.