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Philadelphia Flyers season preview: Jay Rosehill will fight you

Jay Rosehill will punch people in the face a lot this year when he plays hockey. That's about it.

Marianne Helm

Jay Rosehill

Age: 28
Depth Chart: Thirteenth forward
Contract Status: $675,000 per year through 2015
2013 Frequent Linemates: Adam Hall (76.6% of time), Ruslan Fedotenko (51.3%)

2013 Stats

GP TOI/GP Goals Assists Points
11 6:48 1 0 1
Corsi On Corsi Rel Corsi Rel QoC OZ Start % PDO
-32.0 -22.5 0.147 19.1 907

The bad from 2013

Jay Rosehill was acquired in a trade with the Anaheim Ducks on April Fools Day last year for Harry Zolnierczyk. That acquisition apparently was not an April Fools' joke. He played in 11 games from there, and as you can see above, he spent an overwhelmingly large amount of his time in those games either on the bench, in the penalty box, or in his own end of the ice. Oh, and then the Flyers gave him a two-year contract extension after playing in seven games (and 47 minutes on the ice) with the team.

The good from 2013

He was very good at punching people and last season he exhibited an innate talent for scoring goals off his butt.

What should we expect this season?

Basically everything described in the above two paragraphs -- fighting, penalties, lots of shots against -- minus the whole scoring goals with his butt thing, though he may luck into a point every so often.

Best case...

In the limited number of times Rosehill sees the ice, he's able to win his fights, fire up the team in doing so, and maybe even score a couple of points here and there.

Worst case...

Rosehill is relied on to do much more than fight people, and he ends up caught on the ice for a large number of goals against.

Bottom line

Rosehill is an enforcer and basically nothing more. He'll come in on occasion to face teams like the Leafs or Sabres or whoever Peter Laviolette decides we need an extra pair of fists for, or he'll play on injury/spot duty. But he'll probably spend a majority of the season in the press box.