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Friday Morning Fly By: Braydon Coburn days left? Sure why not.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Nick Laham

*Hey lookit, here's the game thread from last night's game.

*Steve Mason is enjoying his rotation with Ray Emery thus far, but was glad to get last night's start. (CSN Philly)

*Previewing the Flyers' defensemen. (The Checking Line)

*Bruins fans hate the Flyers. In other news, grass is green. (Stanley Cup of Chowder)

*Samuel Morin hurt his hand while playing with Rimouski. Enough with the hand injuries, guys. You need them to be silky smooth like Tom Sestito's. (CSN Philly)

*You know how every couple of years people clutch their pearls and demand that fighting be removed from hockey? We're there again. Some people think we should fine players who fight, others argue that it is prehistoric and has no place in today's modern game.

*A look at the favorites for the 2014 Calder Trophy. (Puck Daddy)

*NBCSN is launching two new hockey shows this year. Neither of these shows appear to include John Buccigross or Chicken Parm, so already they're not as good as NHL2Night. (SB Nation)

*Derek Stepan signed with the Rangers (finally), and Cody Franson has been signed by the Leafs.

*What if the league used something other than lotto balls to select the team that will get the overall first pick in the draft? (On Goal Analysis)

*The league's decision to fine Sabres' coach Ron Rolston for "player selection" has left a lot of other coaches pretty angry. (Toronto Sun)

*On score effects and how things change once one team has the lead. (mc79hockey)

*EA Sports ran their yearly simulation and have determined that the St. Louis Blues will win the Stanley Cup this season. (EA Sports)