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Flyers vs. Rangers recap: So, about those Golden Globes...


Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

You probably watched the first three minutes of tonight's game. That's when, with the score 2-0 in favor of New York, just about everybody flipped over to the Golden Globes on NBC, or Anchorman on TBS, or Beaver Brothers on Animal Planet. Any of these options were better than watching the Flyers attempt to play hockey.

So, here's what you missed after you changed the channel:

  • The Rangers scored two more goals -- one more in the first and another midway through the second. They controlled basically the entire game, and you missed nothing by changing the channel. Nothing that wouldn't give you PTSD, at least.
  • Dan Carcillo fought Luke Schenn. Schenn won. It was pointless.
  • The Flyers penalty kill was still pretty good., even if their stretch of 26 without giving up a goal was finally broken tonight. Without the PK, the score would have been even uglier.
  • Ray Emery, after a rough first period, actually looked pretty good in the second and the third. Without it, the score would have been uglier.
  • Nicklas Grossmann was the worst defender, again. But they were all really bad, again. Even if they got the same types of offensive chances they did yesterday against Tampa -- which they didn't, by the way -- another defensive shit show made this game totally unwinnable.
  • The third period started and I audibly said "shit," to an empty living room, because I had to turn Seinfeld off.
  • The Flyers scored a goal in the third, and there were some frustration fisticuffs at the end. Brayden Schenn knocked on John Moore's head like it was a front door.

It was an ugly weekend that quickly ruined the good feelings we've had since Christmas, but on the bright side, the schedule looks a bit better with Buffalo, Nashville and the Islanders up next. The Flyers fell out of the top three in the division tonight, but they're still in playoff position thanks to the wild card. Turn it around on Tuesday in Buffalo, guys.