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The Noon Number: 111

Today's Noon Number is a bit happier.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

111 - the number of days until the 40th anniversary of the Flyers first Stanley Cup win.

It's been rather depressing around these parts lately, so let's focus on how cool it was back in the Good Ol' Days.

On May 19th, 1974, the Flyers became the first expansion team to win the Stanley Cup. Prior to their win, no expansion team had even beaten an Original Six team in the playoffs, let alone beaten them in the Final; on their way to the Cup, the Flyers managed to knock off both the New York Rangers in the semifinals and the Boston Bruins in the Final. It was awesome.

The old guys have been making the rounds lately to commemorate, making appearances at the Broad Street Bash and the Flyers Wives Carnival. They were also honored last night at the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association's 110th annual dinner in Cherry Hill, and Flyers Alumni will play an impromptu pond hockey game at Crestmont Park in Willow Grove tomorrow.

Have a listen to this and bask in the good feels for a while.

/sighs wistfully.