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The return of the return of BSH Radio ... is postponed

After taking a few months off for some weird reason, we'll be back on the air talking about the season that has been ... at some point in the future.

Our plans to have an episode tonight fell harder than Scott Hartnell.
Our plans to have an episode tonight fell harder than Scott Hartnell.
Bruce Bennett

(ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to unforeseen circumstances tonight's episode will be postponed to some other time in the near future. Sorry about that. Original post below.)


Back in the summer, we re-started the BSH Radio show, where Travis and I would talk about the Flyers and bring on guests -- Flyers fans and other teams' fans alike -- and do fun stuff like that.

We had a bunch of episodes during the offseason. As fate would have it, due to scheduling and other problems, we haven't been able to have an episode since the night after the third game of the season (the night before Peter Laviolette was fired, as you may remember it!).

That's silly. So we're going to get back to it tonight!

Obviously a whole lot of things have happened since that last episode, including the aforementioned change of coaches, the franchise-worst start to the season, the turnaround that's happened since, the strong play they've received in net, the resurgence of a number of forwards ... you get the idea. We've got some catching up to do, and we plan on doing so.

As always, this can include you, the reader/listener, in a number of ways. You can drop questions here in the comments or by tweeting them at us (send them to @BroadStHockey), or you can call in live and chat with us by calling at (347) 826-7864.

Send us your questions and stuff in the meantime. Additionally, if you feel like listening to our really old episodes and/or just want to hear our cool, soothing voices and all that, you can hear them right here.