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Some jerk stole Moose Dupont's 1974 Flyers Stanley Cup ring

Police in Trois-Rivières, Que. are on the hunt for a burglar or burglars who robbed the home of former Flyers defenseman André "Moose" Dupont on Thursday night. The bastards stole his 1974 Stanley Cup ring.

Moose played eight seasons with the Flyers in the 1970s, winning both Stanley Cups and helping define the Broad Street Bullies era of Flyers hockey. In 539 games with Philadelphia, Moose scored 42 goals, added 135 assists, and registered 1,505 penalty minutes.

He was an All-Star in 1976-77, and if you don't give him his ring back, the City of Philadelphia will probably hunt you down and make you give it back. Thanks.