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Why is the Inquirer asking the Flyers if they're concerned about Ebola?

I know and the Inquirer are struggling and everything, but this is some irresponsible clickbait bullshit:

"Hey, let's walk up to professional athletes, who are not doctors, and ask them their thoughts about a deadly disease that they have virtually zero chance of catching. That'll make a great story."

No. All this line of questioning and the resulting story do is imply that there might be some actual reason for the Flyers to be actually concerned about Ebola, even if the facts completely say the opposite. It's just another example of the way the media is blowing Ebola way the hell out of proportion, and inserting it when ever and where ever they can to feed off people's fear of the disease.

It's horse shit. Stop being afraid of Ebola, and definitely stop asking athletes about Ebola just because they're going to be in the same metropolitan area as a few people that had Ebola. Because you are not getting Ebola.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to these hard-hitting questions from the Inquirer later this season:

  • "The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 devastated the city. Do you feel safe here when visiting the Blackhawks?"
  • "Game in the Bay Area next week. Remember that time they had an earthquake during the World Series? How do you feel about going out there?"
  • "You guys are heading down to Carolina later today. I mean, their team is called the Hurricanes for crying out loud. Why aren't you afraid?"
  • "You guys play in Philadelphia. Have you ever been worried about being hit with a battery during a game?"

Fuckin' hell, guys.

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