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Flyers reportedly trying to trade a defenseman to make room for Sam Morin

Samuel Morin is still on the Flyers roster, despite not playing in the final preseason game of the season Thursday. Are the Flyers trying to make a move to keep him around long term?

Bruce Bennett

Update: Morin's been sent back to junior.

TSN's Bob McKenzie reports tonight that the Flyers are trying to move a defenseman in an attempt to get Samuel Morin on the opening night roster. Here's the video of that report. We've transcribed the pertinent section below.

The Philadelphia Flyers are also trying to move a defenseman. They've got cap issues. Historically, Luke Schenn has always been available from that Philadelphia blueline.

But the play of Sam Morin, an underage junior from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, has also got some believing that Nick Grossmann, the veteran defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers, could also be had to try and free up cap space and a roster spot for Morin who might be ready to step in, at least for a nine-game trial.

Interesting stuff. Considering that Morin's entry-level contract kicks in once he's played a tenth game in the NHL this season, you'd have to imagine that if the Flyers are indeed trying to move a defenseman to make room for Morin, it'd be for more than just a nine-game trial.

Also consider that in terms of the salary cap, the Flyers could keep Morin around on the roster without making any moves. A potential move means that they want a roster spot for him, and that means he would play regularly.

This does explain why, despite not playing in the final preseason game of the year tonight in Washington, Morin is still with the team. After all, they could easily just send Morin back to Rimouski in junior if the ultimate plan is to demote him. It'd be one thing if they wanted to see him in another preseason game, but the fact that he's not playing tonight yet is still on the roster leads us to believe that the Flyers want him on the team on Wednesday at least, if not beyond.

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