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Introducing three new Flyers-themed shirts from our partners at Philly Phaithful

We're just about finished with our #countdowntopuckdrop promotion, and Philly Phaithful's ready to unveil their set of shirts (including the shirt you viewers help designed!) for the 2014-15 season.

Earlier last week, to get ready for the opening week and month of the Philadelphia Flyers' season, BSH and Philly Phaithful teamed up to launch a "Countdown to Puckdrop" initiative comprised of a ton of giveaways, a new t-shirt design promotion, the chance to be on our featured podcasts *AND* an all-inclusive watch party.

It's finally time to unveil the three t-shirts Philly Phaithful has designed specifically for the 2014-15 season; you'll notice one of the shirts is the BSH viewer-designed shirt: "The United States of Hockey."


Click here to head to Philly Phaithful and grab one (or all!) of the three and gear up for the 2014 season.

Use the coupon code broadstreethockey at checkout for 10% off and a free orange beer koozie -- who doesn't love free stuff? All orders come with free shipping standard.

All three of the new t-shirts will also be found at Wednesday's PHI-PIT viewing party, starting at 8PM. Details to the party can be found here. There's only room for ~10 more RSVPs (and it's free to RSVP!), so act fast if you'd like to join us for the game, the t-shirt unveiling, free food, free beer and the like!

As a little side note, we'd like to give a major thank you to all of the readers who provided input for the new t-shirt collaboration earlier last week. Your help didn't go unnoticed, and BSH & Philly Phaithful will be sure to continue to offer as much as we can regarding giveaways, watch parties, discounts and whatever else you ask for.

Once again, click here to head to Philly Phaithful - you'll see all three new shirts on the home page.

Go Flyers.