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Pittsburgh still seriously, truthfully believes Sean Couturier is bad at hockey

Keep thinking it, Pittsburgh. He's in your head, just like the Flyers are.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the mayhem that escapes from the Penguins-Flyers rivalry, I think my favorite running gag is that on the Western side of the Commonwealth, they truly believe that Sean Couturier is a bad hockey player.

This next tweet was made during the first period of Wednesday night's 5-3 Flyers win. Couturier went on to hold Evgeni Malkin to nothing while scoring a goal and two assists of his own.

We don't have to beat a dead horse here and tell you how good Couturier is. We've done it a million times before, and we'll probably do it a million more times during the rest of his career. He's an elite defensive forward at 21-years-old regardless of his opponent, and hey .... he has some hands, too.

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