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Jake Voracek's magic on full display with two first period assists vs. Kings

Jakub Voracek's elite-level vision was on point in the first period of Tuesday's game against the Los Angeles Kings

Goal 1: Voracek finds Giroux in front

jake gif 1

On the Flyers first goal against the Los Angeles Kings, Jakub Voracek embarrassed a world-class defenseman in Drew Doughty. Jake snuck in behind the goal and Doughty had no clue who was home until it as too late.

voracek 1a

When Doughty turned around and got close, Voracek fought him off long enough to get the puck out to Claude Giroux. Giroux's shot didn't get to the net but it fell on Michael Raffl's stick in front, and goal. All because of Voracek.

Goal 2: Voracek finds Schultz, then VandeVelde

As if his vision on the first goal wasn't enough, he did it on the second goal as well. First he found Nick Schultz breaking in behind the defense, and look how much room he had to scoot the puck through. It was a perfect pass.

voracek 2

Schultz couldn't get the shot to go, but he deserves a ton of credit for finding the loose puck and getting it back down low to Voracek.

And then Jake got back to work.

voracek gif 2

He goofed Doughty again on this one, stepping out in front enough to make him think he could put a shot on goal, and just enough to keep him away from VandeVelde, who was cutting in behind Doughty into the slot.

Just great, great stuff from Jake Voracek in the first period of this game.