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One week until hockey in Philadelphia - Get ready for the home opener with our partner Philly Phaithful

Philly Phaithful, a longtime partner of Broad Street Hockey, is kicking off the 2014-15 season with a ton of giveaways, a new t-shirt design promotion, the chance to be on our featured podcasts and an opening-month watch party. Who's ready for some hockey?

Regular season hockey is almost back in Philadelphia (next Thursday!), and Broad Street Hockey is teaming up with Philly Phaithful to give readers seven days of giveaways, including free t-shirts, a new t-shirt design promotion, featured podcasts, a watch party, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Sound like a lot? Let's break it down.

A giveaway a day


To kick things off, the two of us are going to run a promotion through Twitter (similar to those in the past) to giveaway one Philly Phaithful shirt a day for the seven days leading up to the home opener in Philadelphia next Thursday night.

How can you win? Simple: Follow both of us on Twitter (@BroadStHockey and @PhillyPhaithful), and we'll kick off the promotion every afternoon around 3PM. Simply retweet any post we put up with the hashtag #countdowntopuckdrop and you'll be entered to win.

Seven days, seven free t-shirts.

Help Philly Phaithful design this season's hockey-themed t-shirt


The two of us have offered tons of t-shirt designs and t-shirts in the past, but we're doing things a bit differently this season. We'd like to get the readers' input involved.

In order to help us with the design promotion, click here to head to an email signup form.

By submitting your email, you'll be joining a list of those able to vote on the design (one of four concepts); Philly Phaithful will keep you updated on the process, and you'll be able to provide feedback on all of the concepts. The voting is going to end this Monday, October 6.

The new t-shirt design will be unveiled the day of the home opener, Thursday, October 9. From there, we'll put up a link so everybody can purchase the new Flyers-themed shirt for the 2014-2015 season.

In addition to producing the t-shirt concept that received the most votes, Philly Phaithful will also be producing two (maybe three!) more t-shirts for the 2014-15 season. They'll drop as well, so you can shop for all of them at the same time.

Featured podcasts and live radio

Broad Street Hockey's got BSH Radio. Philly Phaithful's got Just Boo It. Want to join both of us on the first show of each for the 2014-15 season?

To kickoff the new season, we're unveiling an opportunity for one-two people to join us on each podcast as we discuss the Flyers' upcoming home opener, the first month of the season, the lineup, whatever else you can think of.

We'll reveal the start of promotion through Twitter, along with the time and date of when the radio show and podcast will be aired. Both shows will be recorded/live-cast during this week, and they'll launch next week, a couple days before the opener.

But that's not all..

RSVP for the first BSH-Philly Phaithful watch party

BSH and Philly Phaithful have thrown plenty of crazy watch parties over the past couple of years. This year, the Flyers' schedule is absolutely brutal in the month of October, but there's one game that stands out as the perfect game to throw the first party of the season: October 22 8:00 PM, Flyers @ Penguins.

Just like always, we'll provide a list of amenities that will be provided throughout the party as we get closer to the week of the game, but here's a preliminary list of things you can expect:

  • Entry fee to the viewing party is *free* RSVP as soon as possible, as space is limited
  • Watch the game on a 16 foot HD projection screen
  • Food sponsored by Founding Fathers BBQ (sauce and rib glaze too!)
  • Complimentary beverages (read: BEER!) for all attendees 21+
  • Major discounts on Philly Phaithful's line of original apparel (We're partners, remember?)
  • Talk Flyers and Penguins with BSH's Collin Mehalick and Philly Phaithful's Dan Hershberg
  • Have an extra hour to kill? Doors open at 7PM - The showroom will be playing a pre-game Flyers power hour to get things started
  • Read BSH often? Anyone who attends and says just that will receive a free gift, courtesy of Philly Phaithful
  • Any more questions? Drop Philly Phaithful a line at or 1-888-4PHAITH.

Click here to RSVP.


All of this may be a lot to take in at first glance, but we'll continue to update our Twitter and Facebook feeds with news and the promotion schedule, so don't fret.

Regular season hockey in Philadelphia is only 7 days away. Let's get ready, ya'll.