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Friday Morning Fly By: Tim Peel is terrible at his job and should feel badly about himself.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

*The streak is over. Upside? The Flyers weren't horribly outplayed. If not for a few...let's call them "questionable" power plays awarded to the Bolts, this might have been a different game. On to Sunrise. Hopefully all 47 fans in attendance get a good show tomorrow night. RECAP!

*Late last night it was announced that Ron Hextall signed Carlo Colaiacovo. Just thank the gods it wasn't Ryan Whitney. [BSH]

*So clearly Ghost was scratched last night in favor of Brandon Manning. What's really bothersome about this decision is the reason, which appears to be Shayne Gostisbehere's size. [Inquirer]

*Hopefully Ghost will get the nod tomorrow against the Panthers, since it's his NHL homecoming. [Daily News]

*You might have noticed that Claude Giroux is shooting the puck way, way more than he used to. [BSH]

*Steve Mason is really eager to get back onto the ice. [Inquirer]

*Taking the morality out of line construction. [The Committed Indian]

*Fighting in the NHL is down 20% compared to last season. [The Score]

*For the answer to the NHL's shootout problem we need look no further than the AHL. [SB Nation]

*Eight surprises in the NHL so far. [Grantland]

*An update on the condition of Gordie Howe, who is resting in Texas with family. [Yahoo Sports]

*The NHL has had some pretty great costumes from its players this Halloween. [National Post] [TSN]

*The owners of the new arena in Las Vegas really want an NHL team. Eww. [SB Nation]

*This piece on Ohio State's men's hockey equipment manager is a pretty nice little read. [The Lantern]

*And finally, Brad Marsh on one of everyone's favorite intangibles: grit. [Hockeybuzz]