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Chris Pronger to work for NHL's department of player safety?

Could Pronger leave the Flyers to work for the league?

Paul Bereswill

Chris Pronger is not technically retired from hockey, nor is he technically off the Philadelphia Flyers roster. It's for that reason that, despite the fact that he'll never play in the NHL again, nobody really raises an eyebrow that he works as a scout in the Flyers organization.

But another hockey job outside of the organization? That's a different thing entirely. But it might happen, as TSN's Bob McKenzie reports that the NHL's department of player safety is interested in bringing in Pronger in some sort of unknown role.

Interesting indeed. Pronger is on the Flyers payroll until June 30, 2017 regardless of what happens -- since he can't retire and won't retire until then -- so you'd think it would be a conflict of interest to be collecting checks from the Flyers and working in the league office, especially if that job is in Player Safety.