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Bobby Robins lays a late, nasty hit on Zac Rinaldo ... and the penalties even out

Bobby Robins was the chief offender on this hit, which was well behind the play during the second period tonight. (Seriously, you can't even see the puck in the GIF.) He and Craig Cunningham sandwiched Zac Rinaldo. It was a charge, a late hit and from behind, which is some sort of trifecta that you don't want to win at a horse race.

Luke Schenn stood up for Rinaldo here and fought Robins, who at age 32 is playing in his first NHL game tonight, probably because he can't do anything but that crap you see above.

Shockingly, even though the arm went up immediately as Robins threw this hit, the penalties evened out: two for charging and five for fighting to Robins, two for "roughing" and five for fighting to Schenn. NHL officials: in midseason form!