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We have a better suggestion for Flyers goal song

The Flyers answered our prayers and stopped lighting mups to start this season, but is the new song really any better?

At the beginning of the season it was announced that the Flyers would debut a new goal song, selected by captain Claude Giroux.

At this point we've heard it about 25 times, but if you'd like to refresh your memory, head on over to this article from early October that let's you experience both the song and how it sounds inside the Wells Fargo Center after a goal.

Here's the thing.

Sure, it was chosen by Giroux (allegedly). Sure, it's worlds better than Mups. But is it really the best we can do? Allow me to present an alternative.

I know. It's a little cheesy, a little early-aughts. But hear me out:

  • This kind of up-tempo, repetitive, guitar-based rock makes the best goal songs. You know, like Bro Hymn.
  • No one has used this before. No one uses it now. Hooray for being unique!
  • Say what you will about this song, it's FUN. Imagine a nice little mash-up of the chorus and the bit from about the 3:00 mark on playing while you jump around and high-five strangers. It totally works.
  • If you're on board, take to the Twitter and use hashtag #PartyHard4GoalSong. How awesome would it be if we actually got them to change it?

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