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Flyers hire Rick Pracey, former Avalanche scouting director, as amateur scout

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Flyers new amateur scout Rick Pracey was responsible for some very successful Colorado Avalanche drafts in recent years.

Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Flyers have made quite the under-the-radar hiring, bringing on former Colorado Avalanche director of amateur scouting Rick Pracey onto their own amateur scouting staff.

Pracey was a long-time scout in Colorado, and reports indicate that he was pretty celebrated in his gig. His firing back in October was seen as pretty out of nowhere and pretty odd, although there aren't many more details than that. Here's a bit on Pracey from our friends at Avs blog Mile High Hockey:

There's been some talk about the lack of quality European scouting the past few years, so perhaps that plays into the issue. However, it's pretty baffling when you consider Pracey was the guy in charge of drafting gems like Ryan O'Reilly and Tyson Barrie, not to mention the top three selections of Matt Duchene, Gabriel Landeskog, and Nathan MacKinnon, all of whom are proving to be the right choices for Colorado. So what happened?

Avs coach Patrick Roy didn't elaborate on his dismissal, nor did the team's PR staff when asked by the Denver Post. Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman has reported the following on Pracey's dismissal and tenure in Colorado:

The Avalanche fired Rick Pracey last week, their director of amateur scouting, who pre-dated Roy. Tension began when Roy arrived, since Colorado didn't have Nathan MacKinnon atop their 2013 draft list. Roy made it very clear MacKinnon would be the pick. Can't argue with that one.

Like any scout, Pracey had hits and misses, but did make some great calls. There were plenty of options at No. 2 in 2012 and the Avalanche chose wisely with Gabriel Landeskog. Ryan O'Reilly and Tyson Barrie were big hits in 2009. Calvin Pickard got the start in Montreal when both regulars were hurt, but word is goalie coach Francois Allaire really likes 22-year-old Sami Aittokallio's technical game. We'll see how that plays out. Other teams are free to hire Pracey now.

Pracey is listed on the Flyers website as an "amateur scout," which means he's not in a directorial role as he was in Colorado. Chris Pryor remains the Flyers director of scouting, while Dave Brown is their head pro scout. They do not have a "head amateur scout" listed. Pracey's addition gives the Flyers 14 total amateur scouts, two of whom are college specific.

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