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Panthers 2, Flyers 1 (SO): A Letter Home to Mr. and Mrs. Giroux

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It's time we had a talk about Claude...

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

December 18, 1993

Hi Raymond and Nicole,

Hope you're doing well since our parent-teacher conferences here at Hearst Elementary. Our Habs sure are looking good for #25 this season, eh?

I'm writing to you with some concern about your son Claude's recent behavior at school. Claude's always been a popular boy (despite being a ginger), and he was even elected by the other players to be their captain and choose our "happy time" song. But recently, some of his actions have shown a somewhat concerning disregard for the personal space of others.

As you know, at camp last summer, Claude had to be sent home when he grabbed that hall monitor's rear end. More recently, Claude wiped one of his boogers on Greg D.'s back when he wasn't looking. I thought that incident was fairly minor--all children are disgusting, after all--but there was another incident today that caused me some more concern.

After the kids had stopped playing today, Claude bit Erik G. from Mr. Gallant's class with his teeth, in the shoulder part of his shirt. It was baffling behavior, and the sort of thing he should have grown out of now that he's already five years old. He was sent up to Principal Snider's office, but the old man has a soft spot for him which results in little to any discipline being meted out.  

Perhaps you can address this work with him at home? And for the love of christ don't just tell me that Zac R. is a bad influence on him like all the other parents do. 

See you for the Christmas pageant tomorrow! And don't forget that you volunteered to bring the grilled cheese! Those are his crack. 

Mr. Hextall

  • The Flyers lost tonight in a shootout, 2-1 to the Florida Panthers. No one was shocked.

Go Flyers.