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Flyers vs. Maple Leafs recap: Flyers scored goals, won game

A lot of people are calling the Flyers "the comeback kids" because they were down a couple goals early on in the game and then came back to win.

i laughed when i saw this picture because claude giroux is making a funny face. i thought you might find it funny too
i laughed when i saw this picture because claude giroux is making a funny face. i thought you might find it funny too
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of teams in the National Hockey League played games tonight. At the beginning of tonight's game, I would have said that the Flyers forgot they were scheduled to play, but that changed.

The Flyers won their game against the Maple Leafs because they scored 7 goals and the Leafs only scored 4 goals.

If you wanted the Flyers to score first, you were probably disappointed. The Flyers had a bad start to this game. They let the Leafs score two goals. In other words, it was not good. Letting up one goal is bad, but two goals is worse. But then, the Flyers scored a goal! And then another! The next part wasn't as good. They let another goal in, which I was not pleased with. You probably weren't either. It turned out okay, though! Because they came back and scored another goal to tie the game! I really liked that part. It is much better when the Flyers are tied than when they are losing.

Then, when I thought things couldn't get much better, Nick Grossmann scored a goal. It was funny because Nick Grossmann doesn't score many goals. It was cool, too, because it was the first lead the Flyers had all game. I was really happy about that. The Flyers had some power-plays where they could have scored to extend their lead, but they didn't score, so they didn't extend their lead.

My favorite moment of the game was when Claude Giroux scored the fifth goal, his second of the night. Having a two goal lead is better than a one goal lead. Also, it was a shot that not many people could score on, which means that Giroux is more talented than most players. He didn't celebrate after he scored which I thought was weird because normally players celebrate after they score a goal.

A bunch more goals were scored. Scott Laughton scored one. Then Michael Raffl scored another. Peter Holland scored one for the Leafs with about six minutes left in the game and I thought "Hm, I hope the Flyers don't let them score three more to tie this game."

The Leafs didn't score again, so I felt very relieved. I wiped fake sweat away from my forehead when the game ended as a joke.

Bullet points:

  • The Leafs were unbeaten when they scored first. They were also unbeaten when James van Riemsdyk scored. The Flyers won, though, so those things stopped being true tonight.
  • Steve Mason didn't play today because he was injured. Ray Emery, the back-up goaltender for the Flyers, did play. He stopped 21 of 25 shots.
  • Zac Rinaldo left the game with an upper body injury. He probably wanted to ask the doctors to let him play again because he's tough, but the doctors probably would have told him no.
  • Nick Grossmann's goal tonight was his third of the season, a career high. I told my friend that Nick was sneaking up on Jake Voracek, and she laughed.
  • Claude Giroux got an assist on Scott Laughton's goal, which is funny and interesting because he was on the bench at the time the goal was scored.
  • Jake Voracek and Claude Giroux got a lot of points tonight, and now Jake is leading the league in points while Claude is tied for second. It's good that they're leading the league because they are on the Flyers, while players like Tyler Seguin and Evgeni Malkin aren't.
  • James van Riemsdyk and Joffrey Lupul scored goals tonight. A lot of people were talking about that because they used to play for the Flyers, but now they play for the Leafs.

Claude Giroux said in his post-game interview that he thought this win was a good start to the road-trip, which continues in Winnipeg. I agree, because players are usually happier when they win than when they lose. I thought tonight's game was fun. The Flyers should win more because it makes watching them more enjoyable. Go Flyers.