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World Juniors 2015: Watch Flyers prospect Oskar Lindblom score hat trick vs. Swiss

Flyers prospect Oskar Lindblom scored a natural hat trick in Sweden's preliminary round game against Switzerland on New Years Eve. Here are all three goals.

The Flyers loved Oskar Lindblom, their 2014 fifth-round draft pick, when he fell into their laps in that late round back in June. But since we don't live in Sweden or subscribe to Swedish television, we've never really had a good glimpse at what the organization may have found in Lindblom -- until today, New Years Eve 2014, at the World Junior Championship.

Suiting up for Sweden and playing on a line with 8th overall pick William Nylander, Lindblom put on a show, scoring a natural hat trick in the second period as the Swedes rolled to a 5-1 win over Switzerland.

One of the notes on Lindblom from our post-draft profile on him was that he's oftena complementary player that benefits from and plays well with highly skilled guys. That was at least partially on display Wednesday, as Nylander set up two of those three goals with smart, gifted plays. Lindblom cashed in big time.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Not every player is going to be a stud, and if you can find a guy who's capable of effectively playing on the wing of top-tier talent with a fifth-round pick, that's great news. At least for a day at one of hockey's biggest tournaments, Lindblom showed a bit of what he's made of.