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Thursday Morning Fly By: Snow day!

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...


*ASF continues his look at why an early-season slump is difficult to overcome and recaps Mark Streit's and Jakub Voracek's Sochi debuts.

*Midterm 25 Under 25: Mark Alt. [BSH]

*Looking into what leads to an upset: bad bounces, bad calls, slow starts. [Backhand Shelf]

*A new episode of Flight Plan is up for your viewing pleasure. [Flyers]

*Johnathan Quick has been named the starter of the first Team USA game; some think Ryan Miller should've gotten the nod.

*Carey Price will be in net for the Canadians today; we'll see Luongo on Friday. [SB Nation]

*Teemu Selanne is enjoying every bit of the last Olympics of his career. [NHL]

*Thirty Thoughts: keys to Olympic success. [CBC]

*Thirty-four years later, the 1980 loss to Team USA is still driving Team Russia. [Inquirer]

*NHL scouts would be well-served by working closely with the stats guys. [Hockey-Graphs]

*Eric T. looks at whether a consistently good or a mediocre-with-flashes-of-greatness goalie is the best path to tournament success. [SBN]

*And finally, Sochi's Olympic hockey arena is seriously cool. [SBN] [Yahoo]

Ed. Note: As per usual, please try and keep all discussion of today's Olympic events out of the Fly-By and in the Olympic discussion thread, out of courtesy to those who can't watch them live. Thanks! --Kurt