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The Noon Number: 3

When it gets bad, it gets real bad.

Joe Pavelski did this three times last night.
Joe Pavelski did this three times last night.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

3 - the number of times this year the Flyers have allowed five goals in a single period.

They did so in the second period of each of these games:

* A 7-0 loss against Washington on November 1.
* A 7-2 loss at Chicago on December 11.
* Last night's 7-3 loss to the Sharks.

Hilariously, each of those games either saw the Flyers holding a lead (they led Chicago and San Jose 2-1 going into the second period of those respective games) or at least be within striking distance (they trailed Washington 1-0) before things got ugly.

By comparison, the Flyers themselves have done this once this year: in the third period of a 5-4 win over Columbus on December 19.

For fun, here's a graph showing how many times the Flyers as well as their opponents have scored a given number of goals in a single period.