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Thursday Morning Fly By: A game in this time zone, hooray!

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Paul Bereswill

*The Flyers are finally back home tonight to take on the Avalanche at the super-convenient time of 7PM. Preview this afternoon!

*Big news: Steven Stamkos can't play for Team Canada. If Stevie Y. is looking for a replacement, we know a guy... [SB Nation]

*Craig Berube is doing a good job balancing his players' playing time and it is paying off. [Flyers]

*A look at the keys to beating the Avs tonight. [CSN Philly]

*Craig Berube talks to the media about the remaining two games before the break. [Flyers]

*Midterm 25 Under 25: Valeri Vasiliev. [BSH]

*Previewing the rosters of the Slovakian, Austrian, and Russian men's Olympic hockey teams.

*The NHL and Team USA will send a concussion specialist to Sochi, in case of injury. [Yahoo Sports]

*What to expect on the bigger Olympic hockey rink. [SBN]

*The ten best NHL Olympians of all-time. [Grantland]

*SB Nation's Olympic hockey odds still have Canada as the favorite to win gold. [SBN]

*Day four of Ze Germans NHL14 Olympic simulation. [Ze German Hockey Guys]

*Modern NHL statistics that are overrated and overused. [BSH]

*This piece by a long-suffering Flames fan is very relatable. [Matchsticks & Gasoline]

*John Tortorella gets the autotune treatment.

*And finally, in the interest of building up some friendly anti-Canada sentiments, here's Justin Bieber playing hockey. Eww. [Puck Daddy]