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Flyers vs. Rangers Recap: Wayne Simmonds wins at hockey and also life

Simmonds and the Flyers outworked the Rangers where it counts and emerged with a 4-2 win.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Much of the conversation surrounding this game revolved around the Flyers ability to come back from nasty losses. Even more of the conversation focused on how badly they needed that ability to rebound in today's contest.  They needed a win, for the points and for the confidence.

After a shaky start (hi, Scott Hartnell, thanks for the penalties), the Flyers were quick to respond. They capitalized on a mess in the crease and with some help from a Rangers defenseman, Lecavalier was credited with the game's first goal. After that, it was a thing of beauty. Matt Read made a great exit pass to set up Sean Couturier. Couturier proceeded to blow by defenders, sell Hank on a deke so pretty it could make you cry, and go top shelf. He let the Flyers walk into the second period with a two goal lead. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

This was not to last. New York really controlled the play in the second, evening the game.  Because of the Rangers inability to pot empty netters, the Flyers managed to cling to the tie and looked content to go into the third that way. A hooking call gave the Flyers a power play late in the second, though. Halfway through that powerplay, with little over six left in the period, Wayne Simmonds snapped it past Lundqvist to take a lead into the third. It ended up being the game winner. Oh man, it was nice.

Thankfully, the third period was a marked difference from the general feel of the second, as the Flyers battled back and fought to keep a hold on the momentum and the lead. To put the icing on the cake of victory, Luke Schenn slapped home the rebound that ended this one.

Long story short, it was a well-matched game. Despite their dominant start, the Flyers very easily could have given this one up when the Rangers pressed, but they didn't. They put together an excellent third period and grabbed two points that keep them in third place. Sweet times.

Bullet points:

  • The Wayne Train was making all scheduled stops this afternoon, as per usual. Seriously, he was on fire. Great work on the boards, skating with energy, hard hits, generating chances, an assist, and a goal to top it all off. He's now tied with Claude Giroux for goals this season. Excellent company.
  • Steve Mason let in one really bad goal, but on the whole, looked very, very good. He made a couple really necessary saves at key moments. Some were pretty, some were messy. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what the saves looked like. He gave the Flyers the chance to bring this one home.
  • The third line played well. Just like the good old days! Honestly, you need to go rewatch Sean Couturier's goal. Watch it again and again and again. How often does Lundqvist bite so hard on a move like that? Not often. Savor that shit.
  • If you needed a reminder that Danny Carcillo is annoying, this game sure helped. He and Rinaldo were dancing around each other for the better part of two periods, and when it came time to put up or shut up, he shook his gloves but never dropped them. Come on.
  • Milestones! Kimmo Timonen played his 500th game as a Flyer today, Matt Read got his 100th point, and Vinny Lecavalier is one point away from his 900th. Good stuff!

The Flyers got the win they so desperately needed. Two points for you, Flyers. You go, Flyers! And none for the Rangers.  A solid day.

The Flyers are back in action tomorrow afternoon against the Capitals. I hope it'll be as fun as this one was.