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The Two O'Clock Number: .057

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How the heck does Brodeur do it?

Bruce Bennett

.057 - The difference between Martin Brodeur's save percentage against the Flyers and his save percentage against everybody else this season (.951 vs. .894)

In the 4 games he's started against Philadelphia, Brodeur's cumulative save percentage is almost 60 points higher than the cumulative he's posted against the rest of the league (this season.)

Oh, what the heck; let's just revisit them all:

11-02-2013: PHI @ NJD, 1 Goal Against, 20 Saves, 21 Shots Against - .958 SV%
11-07-2013: NJD @ PHI, 0 Goals Against, 22 Saves, 22 Shots Against - 1.000 SV%
01-07-2014: PHI @ NJD, 3 Goals Against, 25 Saves, 28 Shots Against - .893 SV%
03-11-2014: NJD @ PHI, 1 Goal Against, 30 Saves, 31 Shots Against - .968 SV%

Is Philadelphia cursed? (Don't answer that.) We've had to deal with "Marty" long enough, and it's getting kind of embarrassing knowing that, at 41, the man's still putting up those kind of numbers against this team. Tuesday night's game at the Wells Fargo Center was no different.

Let's look at it another way: the Flyers have averaged a little over 25 shots/game against the Devils this season. Shots taken by non-Flyers were 2.17 times more likely to go in against Brodeur this year than shots taken by Flyers (10.6% vs. 4.9%).

Brodeur's save percentage is .894 when he faces a team that does not reside in Philadelphia. The rest of the league is laughing at him. The Flyers really don't have that luxury.

(s/t to Eric)