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Philadelphia Flyers podcast: Debriefing Flyers-Penguins and discussing the stretch run

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Listen as we talk about the Flyers and their two huge wins this past weekend, among other things.

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After a home-and-home with Pittsburgh that could only be described as a wild success for the Flyers, we've decided that we'll celebrate by recording a new episode of BSH Radio tonight at 8 p.m. ET. We (in this case, meaning myself, Charlie, Kevin, Albert, and Collin) will talk a fair bit about the weekend that was, as well as the schedule that's coming up and the Flyers' updated playoff chances.

As always, you can listen in at the link below, or call in during the show to speak with us at (347) 826-7864. You can also listen to old episodes using the handy little gizmo at the bottom of this article. And if you can't call in but have questions you'd like to see answered, drop them in the comments below.