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Wednesday Morning Fly By: #ClutchTime, you say? Better call Claude.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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Drew Hallowell

*THIS TEAM. The Flyers get a big two points against the mighty Blackhawks last night and it. Was. AWESOME. Hockey is fun, you guys. RECAPS! [BSH] [CSN Philly] [Inquirer] [Flyers]

*Scott Hartnell's first goal was pinball-like. Lucky, if you will. [SB Nation]

*ASF on why Luke Schenn might be a better defenseman than you think he is. [Flyers]

*A talk with Steve Mason's parents sheds light onto what made him a success on the ice. [Inquirer]

*The probability that the Flyers will make the playoffs is pretty high. []

*Pierre LeBrun thinks the Flyers look like a legitimate threat in the Eastern Conference. [ESPN]

*On properly analyzing how players stack up to their stats. [Backhand Shelf]

*Goal scoring is down in the NHL, but are we in the midst of another Dead Puck Era? [The Hockey News]

*Things are pretty bad for the Florida Panthers franchise and they're looking to the taxpayers for help. [Sun Sentinel]

*All of the talk of league expansion is apparently media-driven and there is no real talk of expansion amongst the league's executives. [The Globe & Mail]

*Why "peaking" in the regular season home-stretch isn't really peaking at all. [BS]

*Using social media-style rating algorithms to rank NHL players. Just for fun. [NHL Numbers]

*Sean Avery made his debut on Dancing With The Stars, if you're into that kind of thing. [Puck Daddy]