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The Noon Number: 5

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The Flyers sure did hit a lot of posts in last night's win over the Blackhawks.

Drew Hallowell

5 - The number of posts the Flyers hit last night against the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Flyers had a hell of a time converting in last night's game, despite a good number of high quality shots. Seriously, the Wells Fargo Center sounded like a church on Sunday with all the ringing that happened in that game.

Claude Giroux knocked one off the left post during a power play late in the third period -- a potential goal that would have ensured victory. In the third period alone, Flyers shooters hit the pipe repeatedly, most notably Brayden Schenn's mid-air whack that was just millimeters away from going in.

That game could have been decided in regulation multiple times in favor of the Flyers, if only those pesky pipes were a little bit further apart.

Who cares, though? Claude Giroux gave the Flyers the win with just seconds left in overtime, and a well deserved one at that.