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The Noon Number: 20

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The Flyers' penalty kill has been really awesome lately. Unfortunately, they finally let up a goal last night.

20 - The streak of successful Flyers penalty kills that was broken last night.

We've been fawning over the Flyers' special teams lately, because, well, they've been amazing. Unfortunately, last night we saw a rather epic penalty kill streak get snapped.

The number of consecutive successful penalty kills is pretty contentious depending on who you ask. Both Zac Rinaldo and Michael Raffl took penalties last night to give the Dallas Stars a two man advantage. The Flyers were able to kill off the Zac Rinaldo penalty (the 20th in a row), but unfortunately succumbed to a Jamie Benn goal while Raffl was still in the box. Since we're all Flyers fans, let's call it 20 instead of 19.

Even though the streak has ended, we all have to admit that special teams have been amazing lately. Kurt, in particular, has noted that this team will live or die by them, and it seems that in this current tough stretch, he's right on point.

Go Flyers.