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Flyers vs. Leafs: Five questions with Sean McIndoe

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Q: How are the Maple Leafs like Down Goes Brown? A: Both are comedy gold.

What might have been...
What might have been...
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This year at Broad Street Hockey, we've had a recurring feature where we ask five questions of a blogger that covers the Flyers' upcoming opponent.

Typically, we take advantage of the blogger's expertise to get unique insight into their team. We ask questions like "what first-round playoff match-up would scare the Blues" or "is fatigue affecting the Blackhawks?"

With today's guest, Sean McIndoe of Down Goes Brown and Grantland, we took a slightly different angle.

1. How does it feel knowing that the Schenn/van Riemsdyk trade is probably keeping the Leafs from getting a high lottery pick this year?

The Leafs would have just used the lottery pick on a player like Luke Schenn, so I'm going to go ahead and say we're fine with how things worked out.

2. How good would the Leafs have been this year if they'd had, say, Peter Laviolette as their head coach?

At this point I think it's safe to say they'd have been better off with Wayne Cashman.

3. Would the Leafs already have a playoff spot locked up if they had Mikhail Grabovski instead of David Clarkson?

No, because Grabovski would be in the press box by now and they'd have just given Clarkson's money to Ryane Clowe instead. I'm not even kidding about either of those things.

4. James Reimer and Dion Phaneuf are doing a great job as lead scapegoats this year, but does the team have adequate scapegoat depth for the future?

Absolutely. This organization has historically done a great job of developing new scapegoats. They're the envy of the NHL in that regard, I think that Jake Gardiner may already be the best young scapegoat in the league right now.

5. Do you hope Riddick Bowe actually punches Randy Carlyle in the face?

I hope he tries, only because it would finally give Colton Orr something to do.


Thanks to Sean for answering our questions.