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NHL trade deadline: Canucks fans actually think 'Kesler for Giroux' is possible

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The trade deadline is the best/worst time of year. Canucks fans actually think a Ryan Kesler for Claude Giroux swap is in the cards. In fact, they DEMAND it.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It's only a handful of dummies, of course, and not completely indicative of the Canucks fan base. But my God, people. Maybe just hide in a box for the next three days and let the adults handle this.

Or ..... uhhh, welp. Professionals writers havin' fun too. Let's just insert a reminder here that Ryan Kesler is a two-way center, and THE FLYERS HAVE A BILLION TWO-WAY CENTERS. Makes approximately zero damn sense. Can something make less than zero sense? Is that possible?

(Also, this is not a Flyers-specific phenomenon. Everybody crazy. Be kind, trade deadline.)

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