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Dmitry Orlov suspended two games for hitting Brayden Schenn

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Dmitry Orlov of the Capitals has been banned two games for his hit on Brayden Schenn. Here's the NHL's verdict.

"The onus is on Orlov to avoid this check entirely, or at the very least, minimize contact."

Orlov picked up a five minute major on the play, which helped the Flyers climb back into the game in the third period and ultimately win the game in overtime. Capitals head coach Adam Oates, who is quickly gaining a reputation as a moron when he opens his mouth on controversial issues, said yesterday that Orlov didn't even deserve the five minutes.

Orlov's lack of a history and the fact that Schenn wasn't injured probably led to this only being a two-game ban, despite how clearly egregious it was. (I mean, Orlov jumped into Schenn's head.)

Orlov will forfeit $7,076.92 in salary, which goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund. He'll miss Wednesday's game in Philadelphia and some other Caps game later in the week that I don't personally care about.