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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Wooo Deadline Day!

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Rob Carr

*It's Deadline Day! Which is way, way better than Christmas. Some stuff happened yesterday though: the Capitals acquired Dustin Penner; the Oilers traded Bryz to Minnesota and brought in Viktor Fasth; the Stars traded Stephane Robidas to the Ducks for a pick; Roberto Luongo is headed to Florida. Full roundup here.

*Paul Holmgren traded picks for Andrew MacDonald yesterday. For some reason. [BSH] [Flyers] [Lighthouse Hockey]

*ASF has some...things to say about the MacDonald trade. [Flyers]

*The MacDonald trade could be indicative of a systematic problem with the Flyers organization. [Hexys2Hander]

*If you missed last night's installment of BSH Radio, have a listen. Good stuff.

*Oh yeah, there's a game tonight! Flyers-Caps at 8PM because of NBC's Rivalry Night. Preview to follow!

*Meltzer on how players stay focused during the deadline madness. [Hockeybuzz]

*Brayden Schenn talks deadline speculation. [Flyers]

*The latest edition of the Flyers Mailbag focuses on the Schenns, the centers, and line combos. [BSH]

*A full roundup of the latest trade rumors. [SB Nation]

*ASF on why the Flyers are really difficult to play against in the third period. [Flyers]

*Chris Pronger spoke with the media about this progress yesterday. [Flyers]

*The latest of Friedman's Thirty Thoughts, which are woefully bereft of thoughts on the Flyers. [CBC]

*Continuing the ranking started yesterday, a look at numbers 21-40 of the top 100 NCAA NHL prospects. [SBN College Hockey]

*Dos and Don'ts of the NHL trade deadline. [Grantland]