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Andrej Meszaros traded to Bruins for 3rd round pick

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The Flyers got some value in return for an excess defenseman at the deadline.

Richard Wolowicz

Paul Holmgren has moved a defenseman. It's Andrej Meszaros, and he's heading to Boston, as rumors indicated could happen last week.

That third round pick, which is a 2014 pick, will become a second rounder if the Bruins a) make the Eastern Conference Finals with Meszaros playing two-thirds of Boston's games or b) if Boston re-signs Mesz before the 2014 Draft. If neither of those things happen but Meszaros re-signs with Boston after the Draft, the Flyers will keep the third rounder and get an additional 2015 4th round pick.

Andrew MacDonald will likely just take Meszaros' spot, both on the depth chart and, should MacDonald be re-signed for next year, likely in salary. Maybe MacDonald is better than Meszaros. Maybe not. The difference is probably pretty negligible, all things considered.

Good on Holmgren for getting something valuable in return for Mesz, though. He's seemed like the odd-man out all season.