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Flyers vs. Capitals brawl video: John Erskine, Vinny Lecavalier get tossed after it gets ugly

It happened again. The Flyers and Capitals brawled on Wednesday night after a clean hit led to retaliation from the frustrated Caps.

Basic rundown:

1) Clean hit by Luke Schenn.

2) Capitals takes exception.

3) Wayne Simmonds and Ryan Stoa talk

4) John Erskine steps in.

5) Tom Wilson fights Schenn. Schenn wins.

6) Erskine tries to fight Vincent Lecavalier.

7) Simmonds steps in, trying to protect Vinny. Carrick and Brayden Schenn get into it. Simmonds still tries to protect Vinny from Erskine, basically fights two guys at once.


It's the 10 year anniversary, to the day, of the Flyers-Senators brawl. "The Flyers are winning the game and they're winning the fights, too."