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Thursday Morning Fly By: Yay a win!

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...


*Playing the Capitals is starting to be really, really fun. RECAPS! [BSH] [Japers' Rink] [Flyers] [Inquirer] Scoring chance summary here.

*Deadline Day. It wasn't a boring one. Full rundown of all of the moves, for your viewing pleasure. [SB Nation]

*The Flyers' big deadline move was unloading Andrej Meszaros for a 3rd round pick. [BSH] [CSN Philly]

*ASF with some insight on the trades. [Flyers]

*Chris Pronger is enjoying his new role as an NHL scout; has no regrets. [Inquirer]

*Looking for the positives in the Andrew MacDonald acquisition. [BSH]

*The Islanders fans offer some insight into how MacDonald might fit into the Flyers' roster. [Lighthouse Hockey]

*It would appear that the Flyers intend to resign their new defenseman. [CSN Philly]

*A look at how the rising salary cap affects the deadline. [SBN]

*Steven Stamkos will make his return to the Lightning tonight after being cleared to play yesterday. [Raw Charge]

*Numbers 41-60 in the ranking of NCAA NHL prospects. [SBN College Hockey]

*An interesting read on technology the Flyers are using to track players' health. [Daily News]