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INSTANT REACTION THREAD: Flyers lose 4-1, trail in series, let Dan Carcillo score actual hockey goal

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Bruce Bennett

Recap will probably be up a bit late but here's what just happened:

* The Flyers lost 4-1. Got out to a slow start (again), rallied to within a goal late in the first (again), but then it all just kinda fell apart from there. Henrik Lundqvist was finally tested a bit but he was up to the task, and the Rangers capitalized when they had their chances.

* Not everything was terrible. The Flyers controlled the flow of things for longer stretches of play tonight than they had in either of the first two games. Maybe that's what happens when you trail in a game, but there were some things that went right. There were some guys that looked good. There were also some things that didn't go right. Such as ...

* The power play needs to fix something. It finally got some chances tonight -- about seven minutes of power play time tonight -- and it had its chances, but the Rangers are going all-in to basically block every shot the Flyers throw at them. Take a couple days and try and find the lanes, because for as good as the power play has been for most of the year, it's not working right now.

* After stealing Game 2, Ray Emery spent just about all of tonight being passable at best and bad at worst. Not a great performance on the whole, and if he was playing tonight for the sole reason of Berube wanting to play the hot hand, that hand has run cold. Steve Mason came in with 7:15 left, and he will almost certainly be starting on Friday.

* Only ten penalty minutes is progress, sadly enough. Seriously, guys, stop that.

* Hahahaha I mean seriously f*ck it we gave up a goal to Dan Carcillo tonight.

I blame #ClutchTime.

Rothencap will be up later. Down 2-1. It ain't close to over, but let's just say Game 4 will be important. Go Flyers.