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_laude vs. Claude: A poem in two parts

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Claude Giroux is the best! Wait, he's the worst!



_laude is bad, cannot lead,
Lacking courage, heart, and speed.
Looks confused while on the ice,
With passing far too imprecise.

_laude is bad, never good,
Never scoring, as he should.
When he laces up his skates,
He only hurts his line mates.

_laude is bad, always lost,
From the lineup, should be tossed.
In the playoffs, cannot gel,
Send him to the AHL.

_laude is bad, doesn’t shoot,
Send him down the garbage chute.
Rip the "C" right off his chest,
And trade him to some team out west.



Claude is great, quite the leader,
Shepherds Simmonds, Coots, and Reader.
Dazzles all when on the ice,
And makes opponents pay the price.

Claude is great, so darn good,
Delivers like you knew he would.
Once he gains it in the zone,
The opposition’s overthrown.

Claude is great, always there,
Scoring goals with class and flair.
In the playoffs, such a treat,
No word to use except "elite."

Claude is great, one of the best,
Flyers fans are truly blessed.
With all the heart and scoring sprees,
Why don’t we give the guy two "Cs"?

photos: getty images