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BSH Radio: Recapping the weekend in Flyers playoff hockey

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Listen as we recap games 4 and 5, and discuss whether the Flyers have any hope of making it out of this series alive.

Bruce Bennett

(UPDATE: Episode is complete; click the player below to listen. We were also joined by Collin and Kurt later on. Original post below.)


This weekend was a mixed bag for the Flyers -- they were able to even up the series on Friday night, but put themselves right back in the red after losing to the Rangers this afternoon. With the series heading back to Philadelphia, can the Flyers force a Game 7?

Listen in tonight at 8:00 as we discuss the above and much more. Tonight we have a bit of a short bench, so it'll be just me (Albert) and Ben "Mr. Playoffs" Rothenberg. You can help us fill out the voices by giving us a call at 347-826-7864. We promise we'll talk about whatever you, our dear listeners, want us to.

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