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Flyers vs. Rangers: Craig Berube previews a must-win Game 6

Craig Berube spoke to the media at the Wells Fargo Center before a do-or-die Game 6 against the Rangers. Here's the transcript.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Craig, how aggressive does this team have to be tonight and is there a fine line given the refs in this series, and given the fact that if you do throw a big hit or you do throw something that New York will beat you?

"Well you definitely don't want to go to the penalty box, but we've got to do a better job of getting numbers in the offensive zone, being more aggressive, being more physical, winning more puck battles in that area."

Can you talk about the decision to play Gus [Erik Gustafsson] tonight?

"I like his speed. He's a quick player up ice, getting up ice a little bit. Just looking at that aspect of it."

Does there have to be a bit of a statement start maybe from your team, some push back right away, some physical stuff right from the beginning to say you're in our house?

"Definitely. I think in this series so far our first periods have not been great. I don't think that we initiated enough in the first period yet and we need to."

Craig why do you think it's been so difficult for a team to maintain momentum game by game?

"I don't know. They're two equal teams in my opinion. They're close. It's been back-and-forth. I don't really know the answer to that, but our mindset tonight is to come out hard, come out hard early in the game and impose our will on them."

Do you feel like your team has another gear to find, another level that it can elevate to?


Do you think since the beginning of the season, when this team's back has been against the wall, you've learned from that and the survival tactics you've had will help you tonight?

"Well they've been in this situation a lot this year, for sure. The way we started and they battled back, and been through a lot as a team and had their backs against the wall a lot. They're used to it for sure, and they know what needs to be done tonight."

Chief, the first three games you got goal production from the blue line. In a tight-checking series, especially a game like tonight, is that something that's extra important, that you get help from those kinds of sources?

"Definitely. I think our D have to be active up ice in the offensive zone. You need numbers. They're a very good tight-checking team. They do a good job of overloading and getting on you quick. They're a quick team so it's important that our D are involved."


transcript courtesy Flyers PR