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The Noon Number: 1


He's just watching and waiting in terror.
He's just watching and waiting in terror.
Bruce Bennett

1 - the number of skies there are in our great green Earth.

Why is that relevant here, on Broad Street Hockey dot com, a Flyers blog? Because after last night's loss to a playoff team, on the heels of two shootout losses to two of the best teams in the league, THE SKY IS F*CKING FALLING. Just look at this sampling of headlines from local pieces recapping last night's pathetic output.


That's right. The Flyers lost a game in regulation for the first time in a week! They've gone two straight games without scoring goals! Yeah, they're right around the top third of the league in goal scoring and power play conversion percentage, and the results of two games in which they put 68 shots on upper-echelon goalies and failed to score aren't remotely indicative of long-term success or failure, but DID YOU WATCH THE LAST TWO GAMES?

Guys. 97 percent chance of making the playoffs. Magic number is six. Games against Buffalo and Florida in the next five days. Everyone right behind them stinks. The scoring will come, as it usually does. And the power play, brutal as it's looked in the past couple games, tends to find its way out of slumps like this one, as it's been doing for a couple seasons now.

Last night was lame. But maybe back off the ledge a bit, y'know? Get back to me if it's still dire on Monday and we'll talk.