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2014 NHL draft tickets: Flyers season ticket holders will get first priority

Here's what we know about the ticket situation for the 2014 NHL Draft.

Bruce Bennett

The 2014 NHL Draft is just 44 days away, and we haven't really heard much about tickets yet. But on Wednesday, Flyers full season ticket holders were sent promo codes for priority access to 2014 Draft tickets.

Here's what that email looked like:


Most season ticket holders will opt to use their tickets on Night 1, we imagine. The second day of the draft is long and really, really boring.

Season ticket holders will take most, if not all, of the available seats. Prospects and their families take a good chunk of the seats as well, and with an end-stage set up and an influx of media from around the NHL, the Wells Fargo Center will not be at full 19,000+ capacity for fans looking to attend the draft.

If you're not a full season ticket holder, you'll have access to the remaining tickets the week of May 27, the Flyers tell us. Availability will depend on how many full season ticket holders decide to use their tickets.